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Petssion is an online store that aims to provide you with quality deliveries of pet products! Feel free to tell us more on your experiences with your pets @ enquiry@petssion.com.sg
Services @ PETSSION

Dogs were once bred for different kinds of job in different areas.As world progresses, they are no longer bred for the jobs but rather a guard dog or a companion dog to you. They therefore need an outlet to release their vast energy and relief from boredom. That's why a walk is important for your dog.

Do you not have enough time to be able to walk your dog at least a couple of times a week? Your dogs got restless at home? Walk-A-Dog service that Petssion provides to you may just be able to help you! Petssion will scheduled an hour(additional time will be based on request only) to walk your dog around your area.Click HERE to find out more!

Pet Sitting

Worried about your pets while you and your family plans on a holiday trip? Or you are going for a short trip?

Pet Sitting that Petssion provides you may just be able to relieve you from your worries. Pet Sitting is a service that allows your pets to be safe at home while being taken care of their basic needs. No more staying in kennels, boarding in your neighbour's house and felt stressed up while you're on your holidays! They can even play in their own familar areas,using their own "toilet" and eating their favourite gourmet from their favourite bowl! As for your part, no more worrying for your pets!

Pet Sitting that Petssion provide includes:-
- Cleaning of your pet(s) area
- Feeding of your pet(s)(quantity of food to be advised)
- Walking of your pet(s)(applicable to dog(s) only(if time permits))
- Special request(s) (like medications,preparation of food and etc)
- Other Services (like checking doors, windows, altering lights and shades, bring in mail/newspaper and watering plants
- Writing a daily report(with photographs) to your email on your pet(s)...Click Here To Find Out More..

Pet's Taxi


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